Summary - ‘Un Chien Tangerine’


Continuing on from its solid run. ‘Archer’ delivers an episode that isn’t quite as good as the last three weeks but still a great addition. So i can forgive it when i drops as long as its not much like this week.

The story sets of straight away with another plot that is already into the current mission. ‘Archer’ and ‘Lana’ are sent in to Tanager to extract a field agent. But things aren’t exactly as they seem as the agent is human. The story isn’t as good as it has been this season - there’s not much conflict and most of it is just ‘Archer and ‘Lana’ talking - and whilst that’s funny it doesn’t advance the plot much. But it’s serviceable it seems more like a filler episode to something greater. There is a B-plot if you can call it that. Pam wants to be a field agent and shows Malory her skills. I might present some great scenes later on but s the plot stands its not much.

Like the story the jokes are good but not on top form. The banter between ‘Lana’ and ‘Archer’ is great as usual but with no one else to bounce of it’s limited.  But here are some hilarious scenes the first one involving ‘Cheryl’ is brilliant. The jokes are what keep it from being just ok, because it starts off strong in that department. 

Not vintage ‘Archer’ but still a great episode. A weak(ish) story holds it back from greatness but the jokes definitely keep it from falling into mediocre. The B-plot may in the future present the show with some new and hilarious moments and that can only be a good thing. 

B, 7.5/10

Favourite Parts:

- B-Plot could set-up some brilliant episodes, of course it could just be for this episode which would be disappointing.


- Malory:  ”Eh, so you beat up a nerd, a nazi, and queen of the robots”. Malory: “I’m not here”. Cheryl: “Huhh!”. Malory: “I am here you idiot just tell i’m not”. Cheryl: “I’ll tell people you’re not here…but you’re here, right?”.